12 herbs Thai fragrant wood Relieves aches and pains – relieves stress

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12 herbs Thai fragrant wood Relieves aches and pains – relieves stress.

Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Advise people to use herbs and vegetables cook and natural herbal scent To relax the body and mind, reduce stress.

Dr. Kwanchai Wisitthanon, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, said that from the current problems causing most people to stressed and anxious. Which in Thai traditional medicine, people who are stress. There will pain in the muscles. blood circulation is not convenient, insomnia, stress relief by using plants, vegetables, herbs to cook food, divided into 2 groups: spices and fragrant flowers. 

The hot spices are:  

  • ginger 
  • Turmeric, Holy Basil 
  • garlic 
  • Krachai 
  • lemon grass 
  • shallots 
  • kaffir lime leaves 
  • lemon 

these herbs It will help stimulate the circulatory system. It makes the blood flow well. can relieve muscle stiffness pain and stimulate intestinal peristalsis Helps the gastrointestinal tract function normally. and also helps to strengthen the body’s immune system 

For food menus that can use this group of herbs to make food. Such as Tom Yum, Tom Klong, Tom Chud Ka Pao, and various salad menus. The important thing is that it must always cook fresh. 

As for herbal juices, such as ginger juice, lemongrass juice, mulberry tea, lemon juice, etc.  

Group 2 is a group of fragrant flowers , including  

  • jasmine 
  • Remember 
  • Champa
  • Mon rose 

the smell of such herbs affects neurotransmitters in the brain Helps to feel relaxed, good mood, stress, helps to sleep soundly.

In addition, there are herbal medicine formulas that help with relaxation that we would like to recommend, namely Ya Hom. In Thai traditional medicine scriptures, more than 300 formulas of Ya Hom record. 

At present, Ya Hom is classified in the National List of Essential Medicines. and aromatic medicine to cure wind, dizziness The properties focus on nourishing the heart, nourishing the body, relieving exhaustion. dizzy Relieve dizziness, palpitations, dizziness, dizziness, blurry vision, fainting 

Type of aromatherapy It consists of at least 50 herbs

The main drug is mostly flower pollen. Eating aromatic medicine to get benefits or have complete performance should be brewed in hot water. Then eat warm because in addition to having properties that treat the disease that is already. The aroma of essential oils from aromatherapy also soothes the mind. Reduce stress accumulated in daily life. cause feelings and emotions. That are relaxed Therefore, it can be said that Ya Hom is a type of medicine that can treat diseases holistically, that is, it can treat both physical and mental illnesses. and cure mental illnesses at the same time

People are advised to exercise with contorted hermit postures and body exercises with mani vej science. can help relieve body aches. Affects muscles, joints and bones, making movement fluent. effective Help manage the respiratory system. And another science that I would like to recommend is the practice of meditation therapy. 

Which is useful to help calm the mind, relax, which will have a positive effect on physical health and make the body immune to disease well. To relax the body and mind, reduce stress in the current situation as well. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet