Gastritis is a disease that many of us often hear about

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Gastritis is a disease that many of us often hear about, and many people still have it. Most of this disease It is often heard that caused by eating. That is not on time. Which is the true symptom of gastritis. What exactly does it come from? Let’s go see.

Gastritis is a disease that many people are very familiar with. is a disease that we We often hear this often. Because gastritis is a disease that can happen to anyone, every gender, and is also caused by many things. Whether it be stress, behavior, daily living. is Diseases that can Can be cured But if there is no good treatment,may be a disease. It can chronic. Therefore disease that must be careful, prevented, and has good treatment. In order to prevent chronic from occurring.

Causes of gastritis

The main cause of gastritis due to a loss of balance. of stomach acid. That is secreted too much Destroys the stomach lining. Which our stomach lining cannot tolerate the excessive acid secreted, causing irritation In the stomach, abdominal pain arises. The factors that cause gastritis are mostly caused by behavior, lifestyle, stress, and anxiety. In most cases, Can often found from Groups of people of working age. Groups of people of school age and students

In addition, the causes of gastritis can also caused by Eating that are not on time, fasting and eating spicy food regularly, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages It can result in gastritis as well because these foods Having high acidity can cause to worsen.

Symptoms of gastritis

Symptoms include abdominal pain that comes and goes and is a chronic condition. The stomach pain is often painful when eating. Sometimes, you may have stomach pain when hungry and stomach pain when full. Or, some people may have colic, stomach pain all the time, sour belching, and nausea.  

Treatment of gastritis

Gastritis is a disease that can cure if it receives the correct treatment and changes in behavior and lifestyle. The basics are as follows.

1. Change behavior and lifestyle, such as eating meals on time, eating food. That is easily digeste, not eating spicy food. not eating with high acidity

2. Refrain from drinking beverages. All types of alcohol and beverages contain caffeine as well.

3. Stress less Try to give yourself a boost. Relaxation and most importantly, you must get enough rest as well.

4. Take medicine as the doctor has ordered. Because of those drugs It will help in treating gastritis, causing to subside and symptoms to improve.

5. You should not buy medicine to treat and take it yourself. You should definitely consult a doctor because people must receive the correct medication and care continuously, which will take the duration of treatment.

6. Refrain from drinking soft drinks because most soft drinks will be acidic

Guidelines for prevention of gastritis 

1. Eat food on time, even if you’re not hungry, you should eat.

2. Eat breakfast regularly.

3. Eat 3 complete meals.

4. Eat foods that protect or coat the stomach, such as drinking milk and eating bananas.