How many sizes of condoms are there?

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How many sizes of condoms are there? How to measure condom size Basic knowledge in order to use condoms correctly and safely. What size condom should I buy? A 52 condom is equal to how many inches? Young men should know this before actually buying condoms.

Condoms are considered to be extremely beneficial for many people, whether they are men or women. Can help prevent unplanned pregnancy. Including protecting against various sexually transmitted diseases. And for young men, choosing to buy condoms that fit properly. Not too tight, not too loose. You probably need to study how to measure and how to choose condom sizes. So that you don’t have to face the problem of buying one and then not being able to use it in an emergency. If it were fresh, it wouldn’t be good. Therefore, today let’s understand together first.

What size condoms are there?

Generally, condoms available in Thailand range in size from 49 to 56 (mm). This is the width of the condom when it is flat. The most common sizes are 49, 52 and 56, but there may be other sub-sizes such as 50.5, 52.5, 53 and 54.

How to measure condom size

As for how to measure your penis to choose the correct condom size? The circumference must be measured. Use the same tape measure that tailors use. Measure the area around the base of the penis when fully erect. To see what the circumference is. Or if you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a piece of paper or tape to wrap around your penis and mark it with a pen. Then carefully place it on the ruler to measure again.

Tips for choosing condom size

After measuring the size of his brother’s circumference. Then compare the sizes to choose the condom size as below.

  • Circumference approximately 11-12 cm (4.5 inches). Use a size 49 condom.
  • Circumference approximately 12-13 cm (5 inches). Use a size 52 condom.
  • Circumference approximately 13-14 cm (5.5 inches). Use a size 54 condom.
  • Circumference approximately 14-15 cm (6 inches). Use a size 56 condom.

However, measurements used to select condoms are only approximate. In the end, in order to know which size condom is most suitable for your penis, you must actually buy and try it first.

I measured my younger brother and it is smaller or larger than stated. What should I do?

According to Thai male standards It’s unlikely that anyone’s girth is so small they can’t fit a size 49 condom, or so big they can’t fit a size 56, unless you’re a foreigner living in Thailand and it’s too big for you. If you want to wear a size 56 condom, you may have to go through the trouble of ordering condoms from overseas instead.