When should people with genital warts see a doctor?

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When should people with genital warts see a doctor?

This is something that we should not overlook. When lesions are found or abnormalities. That are suspect to lesions of genital warts. Should hurry to see doctor for treatment or reduce the spread of the disease to spread to other mucous tissues. That may be able to contact others

Side effects of people with ‘condyloma’

Of course, people with genital warts are unsightly. Infection with more serious HPV types 16 and 18 also increases the risk of reproductive and anal cancers. As for the side effects and the location of the wart, it is Bleeding after intercourse , in women, it may bleed from genital warts inside the cervix. Or mothers who give birth while having lesions may expose their babies to HPV.

How can I prevent ‘condyloma’?

At present, there is no medicine that can cure and prevent genital warts 100%. Which is because it is a sexually transmitt disease that is skin-to-skin. If you have multiple partners. The chances of getting infected are even more. If having sex. It is always recommend to use a protective condom. It’s not just about preventing the HPV virus that causes genital warts. But it can also help prevent other sexually transmitted diseases.

Another thing that must understood in order to cause misunderstanding. And put into practice incorrectly Sharing items such as toilets, toilet seats, swimming pools does not cause genital warts.

When having ‘Condyloma’, how should I take care of myself?

  • Follow up on treatment regularly. for the doctor’s appointment, he should come accordingly so as not to be lacking
  • Abstain from sexual intercourse during the treatment. Or if really need. It should prevented by using a condom every time to reduce the spread of infection.
  • Always bring your partner for examination and treatment. in order to prevent re-infection
  • If the lesion is touched Wash the affect area. Your hands with alcohol gel every time.
  • Keep your hands clean by using alcohol-based hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Maintain strict basic hygiene

If you follow all the information that ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com Health has brought you Ensure that the risk of “condyloma” will definitely reduce. Importantly. While we have sex, it should prevent by wearing a condom every time. It’s not just to prevent this disease. But can also prevent other contagious diseases sexually as well. At least it’s still easier to solve the problem than having to solve it after everything is too late.