3 techniques to stab football betting. 

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3 techniques to stab football betting. Go to ทางเข้า UFABET

1. Get to know the Golden Ratio That makes the player no longer lose at all

In topic 2 this is quite similar to topic 1. There are just different ways of using it. Which is suitable for people with low budgets who do not have much money to invest in football betting in thousands. But there is a trade-off that the investment period must increase more than before. The golden ratio is always the one. ธhat makes the player profit more than the loss. without players having to try to win more matches Just make your own bets to be more systematic.

  • We will set goals for playing each day for ourselves. By choosing a possible goal in line with the player’s current investment. For example, if a player has money to invest in a total amount of 500 baht, the player should choose a profit that does not exceed 500 baht, for example, to take a profit of 300 baht at a time.
  • When profits are made, there will always be losses. As we said, the amount of profit and loss should mainly differ at a minimum of 2 times, therefore, in our daily investments. must allow a loss of not more than 150 baht
  • It is equal that every day that we are successful, we will be able to make a profit of up to 300 baht and if any day we lose and lose in that bet, we will only lose 150 baht per day, making profits. Our one day is mainly worth the loss of up to 3 days, which becomes an investment advantage.

3. Reduce the amount of money invested in each football match.

If a player has an investment of only 500 baht, the player should invest in a football match with a pair and only not more than 100 baht. just one pair It is true that players can make a profit of up to 1 time, that is, receive a return of 500 baht, but the risk of loss from each bet is high. Because if there is a single loss, it is equal to losing all the money.

  • In each investment, the player should invest only 100 baht per pair or no more than the amount of only 10 percent of the player’s available money. But for each football betting expert who may have a lot of money to invest Invest only 1% of your own funds.
  • Advantages of investing with 100 baht per pair or 10 percent of the money that players invest. Is that the player who loses will still have a chance to make amends in the next game
  • For example, if a player has an investment of 500 baht, which is used separately to invest in all 5 pairs with the total number of playing pairs of 100 baht per pair, if the first 2 games occur, the player loses and loses. will cause the player to lose a total of 200 baht with if in the last 3 games the player can win the bet Make yourself profitable up to 300 baht, which after deducting it may leave a profit of only 100 baht, but the chance of loss is almost nonexistent.

4. Use a football betting fund system

That football betting fund system It is something that is very novel in modern times. Because it has just happened in the year 2021, that’s it. But make a deposit for football betting masters who have the ability to make a profit for players The more you deposit, the more money you will get for each investment. Therefore, it is suitable for those who do not have time and do not have the ability to place good enough football bets.

  • In this system we have to make our own deposit to any gambler. Open now, football fund service already Here may have to ask for someone who is reliable to play. Noi has been open for betting services for a long time and has no record of cheating money.
  • The amount of compensation that the player will receive It depends on the deposit amount. And depending on the income that the football bettor can make, mainly the profit that the player will receive is about 50 percent of the money deposited by the player. Here may have to specify when to receive a return, weekly, monthly.