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online roulette wheel.

Roulette wheel is a game that is as popular as baccarat games. Tiger-dragon games and other casino games with a variety of playing styles. Up to 10 types of bets can be placed and the payout rate is still up to 35 times. As a result, the game of roulette has always been very popular.

For equipment to play roulette games, consisting of a wheel. That consists of all 37 numbers, numbers 0 to 36 and steel balls. That are used to throw to spin for prizes. In betting if the result matches the position predicte by the player will receive the prize money at UFABET. According to the payout rate set by the casino.

Payout rates and betting positions.

Playing online roulette games Players will able to place all bets up to 10 types. Which are bets on odd numbers, odd or even bets. Red or black bets, high or low bets, hunchback bets 2 numbers, 3-digit hunchback bet, 4-digit hunchback bet, 6-digit hunchback bet. Zone favorite bet and odds bets Each type of bet will have its conditions. And the payout rates are different as follows (you can see an example below)

Number bets

Betting bets will predict only 1 number only, where players will be able to choose to bet on all 37 numbers together, which are numbers 0 to 36. want to bet where you can bet on any number of numbers The payout rate is 35 times.

Bet on 1 to 18 (low), 19 to 36 (high).

It will predict. That the bet result will be a low score, 1 to 18 points, or a high score, 19 to 38. The betting method allows the player to place the chip in position 1 to 18 or position 19 to 36. at 1 to 1 or 1 times the bet

Betting on even numbers – odd numbers

It is a prediction that the bet result will be an even number. or is an odd number How to place a bet, the player puts the chip in the even number position. or odd number position The payout rate is 1 times.