Countdown time for Mohamed Salah vs Liverpool

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Countdown time for Mohamed Salah vs Liverpool.

Aside from news of Liverpool summer Mohamed Salah pursuit of Jude Bellingham and other midfielders another news. That has surface smaller space on social media is Mohamed’s future in question. Salah was the top scorer in the Premier League last season.

It must admit. That this year, in addition to not good year for the Reds, is consider a quiet year for the Egyptian national team striker. After making 37 appearances in all competitions. Scoring 17 goals and providing 7 assists, this isn’t an ugly statistic at first glance. But compared to previous seasons. It can said that the standard of the 30-year-old footballer has dropped a lot.

Although Jurgen Klopp only gave an interview last week in. Which he expressed confidence that Salah will be able to break records again. After the recent decline in form He has scored just seven goals in 20 Premier League appearances. Which is very small when looking back at the number of goals scored since his move from Roma in 2017.

Many believe it was due to a new contract Mohamed Salah. That would earn him the highest wage in the club’s history at £350,000-a-week. Equivalent to £18.2m a year, despite being in his 30s. and don’t know if it’s the real cause or not. Because it seems that at this time the form of Liverpool players. Almost the whole team, is not much different.

But the standard that the Reds striker use to do is coming back to attack him this season. With the expectation of a huge income Shooting a goal in such a small way is something. That the fans observe. Some of them are even unacceptable.

So it’s no surprise that Salah has come under heavy criticism and news has emerged that Liverpool are considering leaving the team in the summer to make a profit and use the money to fund their new team. with Jurgen Klopp.

However, when looking at the performance in Kaloch Serie A this season. It seems that it is not quite in the way. Having only return to the squad in November last year. After suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament earlier in January. At present, playing all 10 games and only scoring 1 goal and 2 assists and still not scoring a single goal in the league.

Despite this, the media believe. He still has the potential to play at a high level and is an important player for Juventus, with many believing he could replace Salah. Yes, if moving to play in Anfield next season

However, it all depends on the form of the footballer from the Mummy country. That in the remaining 18 games. He will return to score goals as before and can help the team win quotas. Champions League after the end of the season?