Youste reveals Barcelona welcomes him with open arms if Xavi changes his mind.

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Barcelona are still expecting a change of heart from Xavi Hernandez. After the 44-year-old coach successfully led Azulgrana to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Barcelona vice-president Rafa Euste has confirmed that. The Azulgrana team is open to welcoming Xavi if the 44-year-old reconsiders his decision and continues working on next season. UFABET According to Barcelona Report from Deerio Sport on Wednesday.

Xavi just led the Azulgrana army through to the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time in four years. After winning the game against Napoli 3-1, winning tickets to the next round with a total score of 4-2. Before Euste spoke about the Changing the future decision of the 44-year-old trainer. He said, ‘I respect his decision. He knows what I think. Let’s see what happens. I really like Xavi.’

When asked again about his future, Xavi confirmed his previous thoughts that he would step down as coach of the Azulgrana at the end of the season.


‘Right now it’s not possible for me. to change my decision I will leave the club at the end of the season.’

Meanwhile, Xavi also spoke to Spanish media about Barcelona’s developments since the announcement of his retirement.

‘People don’t believe me. I said the team would be free if I announced my decision to resign at the end of the season. So how is it now? We qualified for the quarter finals as one of the top 8 teams in Europe. Today we showed that we are a Champions League team.’ 

At the end of the game at the Estadio Olympique de Montjuic on Tuesday. Barca fans chanted Xavi’s name in an attempt to persuade the 44-year-old to change his mind about staying with the club. As well as Barcelona’s management, they are always open to his return.